Lisa Calhoun

Lisa is a founder at Valor Ventures, a venture capital partnership headquartered in Atlanta. She is the first woman to launch a venture fund in Georgia. She is also founder of Startup Runway, a pitch series that connects women and minority founders to seed capital in the South.

Nancy Laws
Associate Editor

Nancy is a regular columnist at The HuffingtonPost and editor at Valor’s Female Entrepreneurs magazine.An entrepreneur, thinker and founder, she created Afro-Chic Mompreneurand Her Mind Rocks.

Kristen Sawyer

Kristen Sawyer, currently writing from Ecuador, travels the world writing articles, conducting interviews, and connecting cultures through the written word.

Emily Bowie, Ph.D
Managing Editor

Fulbright scholar, backyard chicken farmer, and poet, Dr. Emily Bowie has a BA from Furman and her Ph.D in English from University of Georgia. She is a professor at West Georgia.

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