6 super-smart behaviors of self-made female millionaires

Men and women largely share the personality traits and work styles that make them successful. What they didn’t do alike, though? That makes all the difference. Here are “6 Ways For Women To Succeed.”

Dr. Jude Miller Burke

My research focuses on identifying key factors that lead to professional success. To compile data for The Millionaire Mystique, I interviewed many self-made female millionaires about their pathways to financial freedom and career advancement. I’ve also asked successful men about their perceptions of women in the workplace.

Increase your resilience by strengthening yourself at every opportunity. 

The highly successful women I interviewed, including the ones who had children, had an organized schedule for exercise, meditation, eating healthy, and trying to get as much sleep as possible. They put their exercise class on their schedule first and, as much as possible, tried to work other things around it. Nutritional meals were of high priority, along with scheduling family time. Strengthening your core-self improves your self-esteem and helps you to bounce back when faced with adversity at home or on the job.

Find effective ways to manage the “second shift.”

If you choose to marry, it is essential that you are open and honest with your partner about your career ambitions. Discuss with your partner very specifically who will handle the nighttime feedings and who will take time off of work for doctor’s appointments. Decide which household and childcare tasks you want to keep for yourselves and the ones you do not mind delegating. One of the high-achieving women I interviewed said she loved to cook for her family, so she delegated errands and grocery shopping to a college student. Posting a family schedule with each person’s responsibilities is a common way to ensure the family runs smoothly in spite of work schedules.

Develop communication skills to influence others socially. 

Individuals who are most successful are comfortable with themselves and others. They are able to develop authentic relationships with co-workers, state their opinions, get into a good debate, and hang in there until a conflict has been resolved. Successful women know being assertive and managing conflict is not personal. As much as possible, when they go home they leave any worry and anxiety behind.

Seek out career experiences that build a solid foundation for your success. 

The self-made female and male millionaires I interviewed recommended that you get the necessary education and licensures, become an expert in your field, network in an authentic manner with others, handle a diversity of jobs throughout your career, take on challenging positions and assignments, secure operational line experience, seek management experience—do it well, create your own positions, work for a good organization with good management, and consider starting your own business (with a sound business plan).

Achieving professional and financial success is different for women than for men, as is leadership. 

Most of the women and three-quarters of the men I interviewed acknowledged that because of gender bias a woman’s career experience is more difficult. In 2015, prejudice and discrimination is alive and well. The highly successful men who ran large companies and owned businesses stated that women face stereotypes and sexism, are excluded from male networks, lack mentoring, lack self-confidence and assertiveness, and are expected to act like male leaders.

Understand that detours and failures are part of success. 

Seventy-five percent of the millionaires and multimillionaires I interviewed had experienced detours and failures, but seized that moment to make a career-enhancing choice. They moved to new and better companies, created new positions, went back to school, and seized opportunities that they wouldn’t normally have taken. This determination, conscientiousness, and persistence are qualities that almost all of our successful individuals stated are vital for success.

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