Entrepreneur Kenzie Biggins: everyday innovation

I love blowing the men away, says Kenzie Biggins, an entrepreneur reinventing work from the heart of Atlanta. Catch up with her, what inspires her, and how to support her UniquelyVirtual workplace.

Kenzie Biggins is Founder and CEO of Uniquely Virtual, a company revolutionizing administrative support. She’s building a software backend as well as a services team to help people find the work, and the workers, they need. “It matters to me because we are bringing people back into the workforces, and we are giving professionals the time they need to be innovative.”

What did you eat for breakfast today?

Overnight oats with blueberries. (Almost everyday.)

What’s your workout?

My work schedule has really messed with my ability to get to the gym, so I walk to work and all of my meetings that are less than 2 miles from the office. I also like to dance (like a fool) when no one is watching for about 20 minutes every evening. It is a great way to burn off a little stress.

Kenzie's Phone HomescreenWhat’s on your phone home screen?

A picture of me making a wish at the Hagia Sophia Wishing Column in Istanbul, Turkey.

What do you LOVE about being an entrepreneur?

I always say it takes a certain type of crazy to run a business. Well, I guess I’m it, because I love it all.

What’s your “entrepreneurial superpower?”

Leadership and process! I like to get my team rallied around the long-term outlook of the company and how we create methods that will service us well as we grow.

Who is the entrepreneur you admire most right now?

If I have to pick just one, I will go with Peter Norton (hahaha, a guy).

He taught me an important life lesson about starting a company when I was still in Corporate America that I carry with me still 10 years later. He reminded me that the person who starts the company is not always the person who dramatically grows the company. You have to be humble and respect your place and acknowledge when it is your time to step down if you want to see the total organization succeed and scale.

What’s the BEST and the WORST thing about being an entrepreneur while also being female?

Being the only female in the room.

I wish there were more women in the room, but I love blowing the men away by being able to go toe to toe with them!

Do you think male entrepreneurs are “different” from female entrepreneurs?

Heck, yes! No one second guesses a man when he says, “I’m an entrepreneur.” The same struggles that exist in Corporate America exist in startup life. We need to talk about it more as a collective group.

What the best advice you ever got?

I will go with advice from my mom:

Life is not a dress rehearsal. You only get one take.

Catch up with Kenzie at @KenzieBiggins or follow her firm at @UniquelyVirtual.

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