Ginger Jones: present in possibility

Ginger Jones, founder of fast-growing Jones Therapy Services, is built to help. She helps people speak better, hear better, move better. Here's how this female founder grew her practice to 7 locations and keeps making possibilities realities for her clients,...

logoWhat’s the biz?

I started Jones Therapy Services in late 2009. We provide speech-language, feeding, physical, and occupational therapy in 7 locations in Tennessee. We currently have 30 employees.

Why this business?

I worked as a speech-language pathologist at a larger healthcare organization for about 7 years. I learned so much and still value so many of my experiences there. But after a while, I just began to feel like there was more out there for me. Tweet this!
I was growing tired of the issues of working in a large corporation. At that time my husband owned and had been running his own company for 12 years. He was so supportive and encouraging of me leaving my steady job to go out on my own.
To this day, he is still my biggest supporter and I am so thankful to be married to a man who believes in me.

playtimeWhat do you love about being an entrepreneur?

I love what I do as a clinician: helping make a difference in the lives of my patients. That is multiplied by owning a business that employs other clinicians. I  love creating opportunities for others. It’s exciting to have the power to help others on my team pursue their dreams. Tweet this!

What do you do and why does it matter to you?

My definition of success is be a difference-maker in as many lives as possible. In my work, that may mean helping parents with the skills that maximize their child’s development, helping a child who is deaf say his/her first word, helping clinicians on my team grow their skills, or coaching a team member on ways to stretch herself in her personal development. It matters to me to simply help people.

What’s your “entrepreneurial superpower?”

First and foremost, my strength comes from my relationship with God. I affirm every morning that I will take everything to God whether that be worry, praise, or gratitude. If I can remember to do that all day, there is nothing I can’t handle or do.
I am also proud of my ability to be present wherever I am. That helps me to be the best leader when I need to be, the best mom when I need to be, and best wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc. I don’t believe in work-life balance. Tweet this!
I am just committed to being present.

Who is the entrepreneur you admire most right now?

Marcus Lemonis is my new obsession right now.

Why Marcus?

I recently had the privilege of seeing him speak at a conference. He is extremely caring and tender in a way that is not always shown on his show. I admire his ability to be a total bad-ass in business while being considerate to the emotions of humans, especially people who have taken a risk to start their own business.


What’s the best and worst thing about being an entrepreneur while also being female?

Anyone who knows me knows the worst is people asking me how I have time for my family! I cringe every time. Being married to a male entrepreneur I can tell you that no one EVER asks him how he makes time for his family.
I am not sure why that pressure is reserved for women in business.
There are so many great things that it is hard to say what is the best, but definitely at the top is the feeling of watching my little company that started (embarrassingly) with no business plan and just me, turn into an organization that is helping many more people than I could’ve ever dreamed of. I also love creating work and income for my team and all of our vendors. Those are pretty incredible to me.

What is one tip you wish you could share with other entrepreneurs?

Running a business is an emotional roller coaster. Tweet this! I think so many people start a business thinking they will have so much free time.
I have never worked harder in my life.
I work to make Jones Therapy Services an awesome work environment for our team and also the largest, best, most-trusted source for therapy. That work is never done, but it is SO worth it.

Do you think male entrepreneurs are “different” from female entrepreneurs?

I think women owners and CEOs are challenged more than men Tweet this! because we are expected to be nurturing and to put others’ feelings before our own. Running and owning a business doesn’t mean you can’t nurture and care for others, but there are times that decisions have to be made for the betterment of the organization as a whole that are tough. Ultimately that’s my job as a leader, to make those decisions that are best for my team and our culture and vision.

How can people connect with you or support what you’re all about?

You can email me at, or follow Jones Therapy Services on Facebook ( We’re also on Instagram at jonestherapyservices.
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