Roz Lemieux: the power of persistence

Roz Lemieux knows a thing or two about scale--her company is the only app that lets marketers prompt personalized email and social media communication and predict behaviors from social media conversations. Find out who inspires her and how she...

What do you LOVE about being an entrepreneur?

I enjoy the creativity and variety of work. I also appreciate the flexibility of location and schedule.

With a toddler and a newborn and a home out in the country, it would be hard to find another job where I could hold an executive position and craft a workflow that allows me to remain effective. I love that I can do that for myself — and at the same time build a workplace where others (e.g. parents) can have flexibility as well. My job is not always easy, but it is always interesting. Every day I’m presented with new puzzles in every area of the business–and I have the privilege of working with extraordinary people to solve them.

What’s your “entrepreneurial superpower?

I’m persistent.

Hilary Mason, data scientist in residence at Accel

Who is the entrepreneur you admire most right now and why does s/he inspire  you?

Hilary Mason. She is an entrepreneur and public figure, and also a data scientist. She’s respected by engineers and investors and entrepreneurs and activists alike. Her leadership at attracted many female engineers to the company–which is much more powerful than the slew of articles and Tweets about how major companies should hire more women (to which they always reply: we try!).

What’s the BEST and the WORST thing about being a woman entrepreneur?

BEST: Especially in tech, everybody wants women-owned companies to succeed. I’ve gotten more intros, support, and coaching that I would have otherwise.

WORST: Breastfeeding makes scheduling meetings and travel very difficult. Inability or unwillingness to participate in the ‘bro’ culture like cutting business deals over beers or golf or comparing facial hair styles, has definitely impacted my career negatively at points.

What’s one tip you’d like to share with other women entrepreneurs?

Scale more slowly than you think you should. It’s so easy when you get funding to think: if we double our sales team, we’ll double our sales — or if we double our dev team, we’ll roll out product twice as fast.

But it’s never that simple. You can burn a lot of cash while you’re figuring out what’s different between the theory you had on paper and reality.

@FemMajority works for women's equality.Do you think male entrepreneurs are “different” from female entrepreneurs, and if so, how?

Sure, just like there are differences between extrovert vs. introvert founders, east coast vs. west coast, 20-somethings vs. 40-somethings, 1st time vs. serial-entrepreneurs. IMHO gender doesn’t trump all of the other differences that make us unique individuals; it’s just another aspect of who we are.  (One of Rosalyns’ first jobs was helping Feminist Majority, pictured above, with their website, social media and technical integration.)

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As of this writing, Rosalyn Lemieux has raised just under $2 million for her social marketing automation application for enterprise, (I’ve had the chance to use it and it SMOKES. Most gorgeous graphic interface ever.)

She’s also on the board for, an inspiring new code school.

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