17 Women We Love in 2017: Becky Blalock

Becky Blalock is one of 17 women we love in 2017! This series introduces you to women worth knowing, through the impact they are making and the glass ceilings they are shattering.

During her enlightening TEDx Talk, Becky Blalock introduced failure as feedback. She has used this very feedback to complete her book and to climb up the corporate ladder.  In Dare, a book written for mid-level managers looking for advancement, it is a great read for any woman in search of a broader, more purpose driven life.


                                                 Becky Blalock and her daughter


Becky worked her way through college on three jobs: as a secretary to psychology professors; working retail in a clothing store; and doing market research for a professor. She rose to be the chief information officer of Southern Company, leading with grace through a disruptive time in energy technology. How did she transform herself? Becky wrote a book to share how to go from “just a job” to the C-suite. “Confidence is a learned skill just like leadership. Everybody can learn to be confident. You just have to do something every day to push outside of your comfort zone.” Hear Becky share the nitty gritty herself in this frank talk:


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