5 Innovative SaaS Platforms to Improve Your Business

Bonnie Halper, founder of Five Point Networks and StartupOneStop, a growing online community for startups shares 5 Innovative SaaS Platforms to Improve Your Business.

As complicated as they may sound, SaaS Platforms are anything but!

As female entrepreneurs, juggling so much in our daily lives, we use SaaS products to manage everything from our businesses to our daily routines and homes.  SaaS tools help to simplify the way that we juggle and manage our lives.

With so many options available, knowing the most innovative options out there allows us to stay at the top of our game. StartupOneStop founder Bonnie Halper shares, 5 Innovative SaaS Platforms to Improve Your Business.

Shufflrr, the leader in presentation management, helps enterprises automate the creation, distribution, updating, broadcasting and tracking of all marketing resources, regardless of file format. By letting users effortlessly create new slide decks from within the system, the company’s on-demand software turns a one-dimensional PowerPoint presentation into a powerful and collaborative marketing tool. Shufflrr was recently featured in various business publications, including Inc.com andDestinationCRM.com.

TripCloud is an all-in-one travel desk software for small to medium sized businesses. This cutting edge platform allows businesses to assess the travel needs of their employees and makes it easy to plan, book and account for all the travel in a company. TripCloud’s software also applies intelligent policies to control travel spend and ensure compliance. The company recently received funding from Acceleprise, a San Francisco-based accelerator for enterprise tech and software-as-a-service startups.

Dashlane Business, which officially launched this week, is a password management solution aimed at the enterprise, to help keep passwords safe, updated, strong and less vulnerable to hacks. The software requires users to type in a master password that’s never stored or transmitted by Dashlane, and uses local encryption to secure the data. It also gives IT more oversight and control over employees’ credentials, including unofficial accounts that they’re using without the company’s official approval.

CareerLark received its first round of funding in the last quarter and is a next generation performance management and employee feedback platform. This efficient tool was developed to accelerate careers and help managers increase their team’s productivity. CareerLark accomplishes this by allowing employees to put in their goals, determine a circle of feedback givers, and set automatic prompts. Micro-feedback can be received within 30 seconds and aggregated results can be viewed in Slack.

Qualtrics is an online survey research platform, that helps enterprise customers better understand their employees, as well as their customers. It recently announced its acquisition of Statwing, a data science analysis platform. Qualtrics’ multifaceted software manages the entire customer experience, which includes surveys, insights, and next steps. The platform does this by aggregating market research with customer experience and employee insights.

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