Applications for Startup Runway Close on Friday

Don’t miss the chance to pitch at Startup Runway Atlanta Spring 2017.

Startup Runway Competition_Female Entrepreneurs

Startup Runway is a free program that introduces female tech founders to seed stage investors. This unique peer-reviewed pitch coaching process gives female entrepreneurs the opportunity to test out their funding pitches on other startups and mentors and receive invaluable feedback.

How to get involved

If you’re interested in getting started, simply visit and create your profile. Once submitted, the program’s Mission Control team reviews your application and scores you on team, traction, diversity and hyper growth business model. The applicants with the highest scores will be invited to one of the pitch simulation sessions.

Why should you sign up for Startup Runway?

The pitch simulations give you a good idea of how investors think, the questions they might ask you and what information you need to have available during your actual pitch.

It offers female entrepreneurs a one of a kind experience that will help them in their funding endeavors going forward. The program is completely free and if you aren’t able to physically travel to the simulation session you can video in.

The program’s attendees are always impressed with their experiences because of what they walk away with. Everyone has a different experience but it’s always incredibly valuable and worthwhile.

Sam Ulu, CEO of and Startup Runway winner, said, “The greatest part about this whole experience is not necessarily the prize money- though, that was great- but the opportunity to let more people know about, because we really do believe that our company satisfies an unmet need in the market.” 

Borrowing Magnolia CEO Tyler Ewing summed up her Startup Runway experience as energizing and insightful.

“Our business is unique so having the investor’s outside perspective while working through a problem was great,” explained Ewing. “I received immediate understanding from the board, and they brought to the table solutions and ideas that we hadn’t thought of before. “

Application close on 31 March so don’t miss the chance to experience this unique opportunity.

Visit for more details.

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