Midas 2017: Meet the Top Female VC Investors

Six women made it onto the Midas List 2017 and have been recognized as some of the world’s best venture capital investors.

Mary Meeker_Female Entrepreneurs

The Midas List is produced by Forbes in conjunction with TrueBridge Capital Partners and it ranks venture capitalists on the number and size of exits over the past five years. The list looks at the top 100 VCs from around the world who have qualifying deals with at least a $200 million exit. This year, six women made it onto the list, the largest number since Forbes relaunched the list.

Ann Mirua-Ko and Kirsten Green joined Mary Meeker, Rebecca Lynn, Jenny Lee, and Theresia Gouw, all of whom made the 2015 list.

In addition to these newcomers, Spark Capital’s Megan Quinn, Lux Capital’s Renata Quintini, and Social Capital’s Ashley Carroll were added to the Midas Brink List, a list that identifies  potential Midas List candidates.

Meet 2017’s top women investors

Mary Meeker – Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Mary leads KPCB’s digital practice and claimed the no.6 spot for the second year in a row. Mary landed her top spot because of shrewd bets on Chinese commerce site JD.com, Square, Spotify, Facebook, Airbnb and Houzz. Some of her other investments include LegalZoom, Twitter, Instacart, Slack, and Stance. Meeker is a renowned name in Silicon Valley as she provides in-depth internet trend reports every year.

Mary Meeker_Female Entrepreneurs


Rebecca Lynn – Cofounder and Partner, Canvas Ventures

In 2017, Rebecca shot up to the 44th spot on the list, up 23 spots from 2016. Rebecca has remained on the list mainly because of the 2014 IPO of Lending Club, a peer-to-peer lender. Some of Rebecca’s most notable exits include Check, Inc., which was sold to Intuit for $360 million, RelateIQ, which was attained by Salesforce for $390 million, and FutureAdvisor, which was bought by BlackRock for a $150 million. Some of the other start-ups that Rebecca and her team have recently invested in over the last year include Eden Technology Services, Everwise, and Luminar Technologies.

Rebecca Lynn_Midas List_Female Entrepreneurs


Jenny Lee – Managing Partner, GGV Capital

Starting out in 10th place in 2015, Jenny fell to 40th in 2016 and ranked 69th in 2017. Jenny acquired six companies in 2016, including China Talent Group, Gamespedia, and U51. She’s invested in a wide range of businesses over the years, from fitness apps and scooters to robotics and outsourcing companies.

Jenny Lee_Female Entrepreneurs


Theresia Gouw – Partner, Aspect Ventures

After dropping off the list in 2015, Theresia returned to the list in 2016 and managed to rank 74th in 2017. In 2014, she founded Aspect with Jennifer Fonstad, where she focuses on software and security technology. After backing real estate search engine, Trulia, Theresia has also invested in Cato Networks, ForeScout, Exabeam, and The Muse.

Theresia Gouw_Midas List_Female Entrepreneurs


Ann Mirua-Ko – Partner, Floodgate

Due to her investments in Lyft; Ayasdil, Refinery 29, and Xamarin, which Microsoft acquired last year for a reported $400 million, Ann debuted on the Midas list in the 77th spot. She runs Floodgate with Mike Maples who currently sits in 20th position on the 2017 list.

Ann Mirua-Ko_Midas List_Female Entrepreneurs


Kirsten Green – Founder, Forerunner Ventures

Thanks to Dollar Shave Club being acquired for $1 billion by Unilever and Jet.com being bought for $3 billion by Walmart, Kirsten stepped onto the Midas list in the 98th position. Forerunner Ventures was the only VC firm that invested in both businesses. Green is currently expanding her all-female firm, which has invested in over 40 different start-ups to date.

Kirsten Green_Midas List_Female Entrepreneurs

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