10 Reasons You Should Apply to WeFestival NOW

You shouldn’t need a single reason—WeFestival is the best woman-focused entrepreneur meeting around. Here's why to get involved right now.

red logoWeFestival celebrates women entrepreneurs and creates more opportunities for women in tech. Here are ten reasons to go.

1. WeFestival is one of the best, most inspiring events you will ever attend.

2. WeFestival’s sole focus is to support women entrepreneurs move their businesses forward.

3. WeFestival’s community of women are super-energized, passionate, supportive—and welcoming. WeFestival is a place to connect and be heard.

4. WeFestival curates a select group of women entrepreneurs, aged 20-60, from all industries (including tech, consumer products, media, hard goods, ecommerce, healthcare, education, non-profit). Any of these women could be your next employee, client, partner, advisor, or investor.

5. Women who have been attending for 5 years LOVE IT!

“This past WEF was my third. I love the energy, the inspiration and the encouragement that we all share.” Stacy Kelly, Co-Founder, Solight Design

“WeFestival served as a huge resource for me on multiple levels…but perhaps the most profound was just offering up pure inspiration and motivation.” – Alison Chace, Founder, Pink Wisdom

6. This year’s keynote is Rachael Ray.

7. Panelists & Speakers include highly successful women entrepreneurs such as Joanne Wilson (gothamgal), Gregg Renfrew (Beautycounter), Kate Whiting (Educents), Jewel Burks (Partpic), Kelsey Recht (VenueBook), Corie Hardee (Union Station), Courtney Gould (SmartyPants), Ayah Bdeir (littleBits), Danielle Fong (LightSail Energy) and many more…

8. Ideo, a renowned design and innovation agency will be leading a workshop on leadership.

One World Trade Center

9. The day’s event at One World Trade Center has some of the best views in all of NYC.

10. When you get 400 women in a room to connect, share, talk and be inspired, something magical happens. WeFestival is an event like no other—one you do not want to miss!

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