40 Women With Over $1 Million in Fundraising This Year (Like, Already)

No question fundraising is hard, which is why it's fun to give a shout out to the founding teams who've already raked in $1 million plus this year.

Female founders and their teams are fundraising like #@#!! in 2017

Sure, we know you’ve heard it’s tough for female founders to raise money. But is it? You be the judge. Below here are 41 companies–one a DAY–that have raised $1 million or more in 2017. Already. Yep, it’s not even Valentine’s Day. So while fundraising may be hard, it’s a far cry from impossible.

Get inspired by these founding teams and what they’re achieving right now. If you see one of them in your industry, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and swap stories. #MakeHerstory

Women Led Teams That Have Already Raised Over $1 Million This Year

Company NameCategory GroupsHeadquarters LocationDescriptionFounded DateTotal Funding Amount
Case.oneInformation Technology, Software, Government and Military, Privacy and SecurityIrvine, California, United StatesCase.one is focused on bringing your legal practice up to the next level11/28/2016$5,000,000
Cien, Inc.SoftwareMiami Beach, Florida, United StatesMeasure what Matters - AI Enabled App for Sales Productivity05/01/2016$1,000,000
Rockets of AwesomeHardware, Commerce and Shopping, SoftwareNew York, New York, United StatesRockets of Awesome reinvents the way parents shop for kids by leveraging technology, data, brand, personalization, and merchandise.01/01/2016$19,500,000
CrowdAIHardware, Navigation and Mapping, Consumer Electronics, Data and Analytics, Software, Consumer GoodsMountain View, California, United StatesCrowdAI provides scalable and high-quality image annotation.01/01/2016$2,120,000
Canopy BiosciencesSt Louis, Missouri, United StatesCanopy Biosciences aims to accelerate the commercialization of life science reagent tools and services through in-licensing.01/01/2016$2,000,000
KomandInformation Technology, Privacy and SecurityCambridge, Massachusetts, United StatesKomand is a security orchestration and automation platform that empowers your team to automate and optimize security operations.11/01/2015$1,250,000
Solera Health, Inc.Information Technology, Health Care, MobilePhoenix, Arizona, United StatesSolera's technology platform allows health plans to securely and efficiently leverage a network of community and digital health solutions.10/01/2015$11,999,997
GoKidApps, Software, Transportation, MobileNew York, New York, United StatesThe GoKid mobile app lets parents schedule and manage their childrens' transportation needs by easily setting up carpools.04/01/2015$1,000,000
SkyLightsTravel and Tourism, Hardware, Media and Entertainment, Software, TransportationSan Mateo, California, United StatesSkyLights puts VR headsets on planes as passenger inflight entertainment02/09/2015$1,300,000
LogicHubInformation Technology, Privacy and SecurityMountain View, California, United StatesLogicHub automates security analysts' intelligence process to reduce breach detection time.01/01/2015$8,400,000
Neon TherapeuticsHealth CareCambridge, Massachusetts, United StatesNEON Therapeutics is focused on unlocking the full potential of the immune system to recognize and attack cancer.01/01/2015$125,000,000
Radish_fictionApps, Software, MobileSan Francisco, California, United StatesRadish Media is a mobile fiction company that develops an application for reading bite-sized chunks of serialized fiction.01/01/2015$3,000,000
Yet Analytics, Inc.Data and Analytics, Software, Internet ServicesBaltimore, Maryland, United StatesExperience Intelligence in Human Capital Analytics11/10/2014$2,300,000
BontactHardware, Information Technology, Software, Internet Services, Messaging and TelecommunicationsNew York, New York, United StatesBontact is a communication tool that enables site visitors to communicate with the customers through live chat, callback, text, and email.08/01/2014$2,100,000
EightHardware, Consumer Electronics, Health CareNew York, New York, United StatesEight is a technology company that develops a smart bed cover for a better night's sleep.07/01/2014$11,620,000
Dark CubedInformation Technology, Privacy and SecurityWashington, District of Columbia, United StatesDark Cubed is a mission-focused company with a new approach to deploying and delivering cyber security capabilities to companies of all size02/15/2014$1,200,000
WashlavaInternet Services, MobileTampa, Florida, United StatesSmart Laundry for a Modern World: Technology platform for self-service laundry. No quarters. No waiting. No hassle.01/16/2014$5,470,000
AviatrixInformation Technology, SoftwareSanta Clara, California, United StatesThe company develops software that enables enterprises to build hybrid clouds by easily01/01/2014$25,000,000
Knowledge to PracticeInformation Technology, Health Care, EducationBethesda, Maryland, United StatesTransforming postgraduate medical education, delivering personalized, just in time learning for time starved MD's01/01/2014$8,218,000
Mac & MiaHardware, Commerce and Shopping, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Internet ServicesChicago, Illinois, United StatesMac & Mia is a personalized at-home shopping experience for parents that offers clothing pieces for newborns up to six-year-old children.01/01/2014$3,000,000
AristaMDHealth CareLa Jolla, California, United StatesArista MD is a comprehensive referral management support company.01/01/2014$12,875,000
LendingStandardInformation Technology, Real Estate, Software, Financial Services, Lending and InvestmentsKansas City, Missouri, United StatesLendingStandard modernizes multifamily finance01/01/2014$1,012,000
BetaoutSoftware, Sales and MarketingNew York, New York, United StatesBetaout develops cloud-based platforms and tools that enable digital agencies to manage content production.02/02/2013$2,118,000
RipioSoftware, Payments, Financial Services, MobileSan Francisco, California, United StatesRipio is a bitcoin and digital payments company.01/01/2013$7,021,592
Querium CorporationScience and Engineering, Data and Analytics, Software, EducationAustin, Texas, United StatesQuerium licenses artificial intelligence technology used for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education applications.01/01/2013$6,375,000
YouEarnedItSoftwareAustin, Texas, United StatesYouEarnedIt fosters happiness at work through a simple, flexible, and fun employee recognition software.01/01/2012$8,000,000
Lingo LiveSoftware, EducationNew York, New York, United StatesLingo Live teaches employees at multinational companies to gain the English communication skills they need to move up in their career.01/01/2012$6,340,000
KinvolvedEducation, Financial Services, Lending and InvestmentsNew York, New York, United StatesKinvolved's app KiNVO, increased student attendance through instant communications between school and families01/01/2012$1,805,000
Girls Who CodeSoftware, EducationNew York, New York, United StatesGirls Who Code works to educate, inspire, and equip young women with the skills and resources to pursue academic and career opportunities.12/07/2011$1,250,000
Kuli KuliHealth CareOakland, California, United StatesKuli Kuli is a Californian startup selling a West African crop known as moringa as both a powder supplement and a health food bar.09/21/2011$5,350,000
Gravy AnalyticsData and Analytics, Sales and Marketing, AdvertisingLeesburg, Virginia, United StatesGravy provides intent & affinity consumer intelligence + advertising audiences based on verified event attendances and geolocation patterns06/01/2011$21,700,000
GeneCentric DiagnosticsBiotechnology, Science and Engineering, Health CareDurham, North Carolina, United StatesGeneCentric Diagnostics develops and commercializes molecular diagnostic tests for oncologists and patients.01/01/2011$31,105,996
Gridtential EnergyEnergy, SustainabilitySan Jose, California, United StatesGridtential Energy develops scalable battery architecture that improves energy density, cycling performance, and battery life.01/01/2010$6,969,000
Rethink RoboticsManufacturing, Science and Engineering, Hardware, SoftwareBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesRethink Robotics develops robots for production and research environments.01/01/2008$131,523,231
Perfect Sense DigitalMedia and Entertainment, SoftwareReston, Virginia, United StatesFull-service product company that capitalizes on it's enterprise platform, Brightspot® to drive digital innovations for companies worldwide.01/01/2008$22,000,000
Sparta ScienceSportsMenlo Park, California, United StatesSparta Science began as training facility for elite athletes before adding patented technology used globally by sports organizations11/01/2007$2,700,000
ezCaterTravel and Tourism, Commerce and Shopping, Food and BeverageBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesezCater is an online catering marketplace that allows individuals to order food from local caterers in the U.S.08/01/2007$69,790,000
NeuralaScience and Engineering, Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Data and Analytics, Software, Consumer GoodsBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesNeurala is the deep learning neural network software company behind The Neurala Brain.01/30/2006$14,750,000
FemasysManufacturing, Health CareSuwanee, Georgia, United StatesFemasys is engaged in R&D and manufacture of medical devices for women's healthcare.01/01/2004$63,903,202
Napo PharmaceuticalsBiotechnology, Science and Engineering, Health CareSan Francisco, California, United StatesNapo Pharmaceuticals develops and commercializes proprietary pharmaceuticals in collaboration with local partners.01/01/2001$12,081,869
PowerMyLearningEducationNew York, New York, United StatesPowerMyLearning has thousands of free educational games & learning activities for kids in all major K-12 subjects.01/01/1999$7,700,000
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