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Answer the following questions and send them to Editors@FemaleEntrepreneurs.Institute.  (Yep, it’s not a dot com or dot org.) Attach a great photo of you and maybe one or two of your team or business. Give us 5 days to review—we’ll contact you if we need more information.

General feature profile guidelines

We publish profiles of female founders who have…

  • Businesses with more than 1 year of history
  • a minimum of 3 full time, paid employees
  • Ownership of 50% or more of the business.
  • Founded the firm (ie, not a franchise owner).

Answer these questions

If you fit the general guidelines, then let’s get started! Here are the questions:

  1. Tell us about your work. What inspired you to start your business? Where did you start and where are you now?
  2. What do you see for your future?
  3. What did you eat for breakfast?
  4. What’s your workout?
  5. What gets in YOUR WAY? What’s the one thing you’d like other female founders to know about overcoming that.
  6. What’s your favorite tech tool today–a must have app, platform or software that helps you run the firm.
  7. What would you say is your “entrepreneurial superpower?”
  8. Who is the entrepreneur you admire most right now? Why does s/he inspire you?
  9. What the best advice you ever got, and from whom?

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Expect to see your feature profile up within 10 business days of sending it to us. Thanks for sharing your story!

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