Halle Tecco: Remember You’re Not Alone

Digital healthcare start up funding guru Halle Tecco just made Inc Magazine's "Top 15 Women Entrepreneurs" list. Get connected with her and how she makes it happen for fast-growth healthcare companies.

by Sherelle Lichtmore-Fuller

Thirty-one year old Halle Tecco, Managing Director and Founder of San Francisco-based Rock Health, is an inspiration and a motivational force for women entrepreneurs of all ages. Her company provides full service funding to healthcare startups, many of them women-led. Healthcare startups turn to Rock Health for inspiration, networking, access to capital and connections to strategic clients. Last year, healthcare startups garnered a record $4.1B in funding.

rock-health-dig-health-ventureShe dares to take risks because she had a vision and was not afraid to sell it to benefactors to accomplish it. The amazing thing is that Halle’s pursuits are not just about selfish ambition or self improvement–she contributes greatly to the professional development of many.

From her home office in New York, Halle tells us,  “innovation needs to happen in order to change things.”

As a founder of Rock Health, she extends write for Female Entrepreneursinvaluable funding and support for young companies. While the Rock Health team is majority female, they fund founders regardless of gender. Since she founded Rock in 2010, over 55 startups have benefited from the funding and support of Rock Health. In late 2014, Rock  raised its third fund which will invest in more companies over the next three years.

Achieving success is no easy journey, as there are moments of rejection which she has had to overcome and use to propel her forward.

“It’s hard for everyone, regardless of gender. Some people make it look easy, but believe me, they’re struggling too. Just remember that you are not alone, and that perseverance and self-confidence are paramount to success.”

Halle Tecco is is a rising mover and shaker in the healthcare industry. In addition to her work as an investor, she is committed to providing opportunities to empower women and help them tap into and achieve their optimum potential.

Drop in on Rock Health with your digital healthcare startup you’d like to see funded! Rock Health also has a private LinkedIn group for female angels interested in healthcare. Check it out!

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