Editorial Guidelines

Want to share your story or write for Female Entrepreneurs? Welcome to the founder power zone. Here are the highlights.

Here are the editorial usage guidelines you accept by publishing on FemaleEntrepreneurs:
1. Purpose.  This is the community of female founders that is BY female founders, FOR female founders.
It is a “safe space” to really tell it like it is for the growing world of female founders of all types of businesses. It is not a women’s site–there’s a big difference.
This site is not for the woman executive but for the founder who has already made the leap and is building a business right now. That means career tips–nope. Fashion tips–nope. Breaking the glass ceiling–been there, done that.
A few words about tone:
  • We are male-inclusive; not male-hating.
  • Coverage and coverage photography MUST reflect the full spectrum of female founders diversity, including racial and religious diversity.
  • All are welcome and all should feel that in our pages. Hate the problem, not the person. Tell about how to solve it. Keep it personal. Be direct and be you.
  • No hate speech toward anyone, at any time, or editorial privileges are revoked.
2. Submissions and posts must always give business takeaway value, insight or inspiration for female founders from the point of view of a female founder. We accept video as a post as well as more typical article formats.
3. Rights: Works must be properly attributed and we are a creative commons site.
4. Format. Submissions must be properly formatted like with Inc., Entrepreneur or any other online entrepreneur pub.
1. Great, clickable headlines with a keyword.
2. Article has a category is chosen. (right hand column; easy!)
3. Article has a photo that the site can use freely without fee (no unlicensed images; give credit)
4. The article has a “deck”–that means, a 1-2 sentence “nugget” that shows up in short copy next to the photo to entice people to read it. Deck copy is filled in under “excerpt.”
5. Drop in 3 tags or keywords so we know how to share this on social.
5. Social sharing and emails are part of the site–once you upload and publish an article, we track views. If we are getting good traction, we send it out in the weekly email. We always tweet an article at least once from @feminstitute.

You’re invited to share:

1) Profiles of female entrepreneurs at all stages of their business.

 Start your profile

2) Tips on scaling your startup (pitching, etc.) specifically written for female entrepreneurs, about 300-500 words

3) Coverage from events that focus on female entrepreneurs with insights or take aways, like “5 Lessons Learned at ____.”

4) Fun listicles like, “10 worst things about being a female entrepreneur” or “5 ways being a female entrepreneur rocks.” Wordcount can vary. See an example.See another example.

5) Infographics about women business owners–we give credit and links back.

6) Powerful photography or poetry or personal essay that deals with female entrepreneurship, 1000 words with photos/illos. Think Virginia Woolf: Room of One’s Own.

7) News of specific interest to women entrepreneurs, always with a women-entrepreneur empowering angle. “Women entrepreneurs face a tough climb with X problem” is NOT the kind of angle we use. For example, “only 2% of AI entrepreneurs are women; how you break in by Masha Cowry who’s done it” is the kind of angle we want.
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